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Article Reworder Tools
The past few months I've done a Deep-Dive into the world of spintax generators, text spinners and article rewriters and reworders. They're tools to generate unique content by rewriting sentences, paragraphs, lists and complete articles using computer algos and artificial intelligence. A few are highly advanced and properly process the syntax and linguistics of English language conventions well, most do not.

Best Paid Online Sentence, Paragraph & Article Rewriters

I'll cut to the chase and simply say for Mac users: You want an online spinner for Mac that works in any web browser. So that eliminates any PC-only Windows based spinning apps. The clear 'Head-And-Shoulders-Above-The-Rest' intelligent, standout tool is Smiley Tech Software's Spin Rewriter. At well under $100/year for an annual subscription, it's somewhat more affordable than the highly-capable and intelligent online rewriter WordAI.

Free Online Sentence, Paragraph & Article Rewriters

There's no shortage of free online article reworder and rewriter tools to spin content into a unique variation. 'Reworders' is probably the kindest term, because most are sloppy, brain-dead word substitution tools that algorithmically are incapable of understanding the CONTEXT of English and therefore are incapable of intelligent word substitutions when appropriate. They don't take into consideration the differences between an adverb, adjective, noun, our pronoun. As such, they're really just alternate 'Word-Swappers' that generate spun gibberish at their worst, and crappy, poorly written sentences at best. For Tier-1 link building and Money Site content, it's simply unacceptable. Most but not all output spintax bracketed code for spun linkbuilding needs.