Using Mac Speech Recognition For Blogging And Article Writing

Apple Speech Recognition Headset
Mac internet marketers, bloggers and website owners should be excited about using the speech recognition capabilities of Apple's MacOS Dictation services. The speech to text function of Apple Dictation allows you to speak whatever you’d like to type into any Mac application that has a text input field. For example, I’m using Apple speech recognition services inside a new blog post I created using my Mac blogging software, RapidWeaver, to create this article. Studies consistently show people can speak 3 to 5 times faster than typing - so why not take advantage of the time-saving productivity increase?

Because Apple Dictation software is a low-level system service, it works in ANY Mac application that lets you input text. Interestingly, unlike other Mac speech recognition software packages such as Dragon Dictate for Mac that require you to train the software to recognize your voice first, Apple dictation requires no training at all. As long as you don’t have a heavy accent, Apple dictation recognizes English speech with reasonable accuracy and ease. (It also handles, French, German and Japanese and a few others as well!)

By tapping your Macintosh’s Function key twice, Mac Dictation recording mode is enabled and ready to record your speech. When you tap the Function key once again to stop recording, your captured voice data is transmitted to Apple servers for translation and then sent back to your Mac application as text within seconds. An active Internet connection is not required to use OSX Dictation features *IF* you go into System Preferences > Dictation & Speech > and ENABLE 'Use Enhanced Dictation' by clicking the checkbox. This will download a recognition library onto your Mac's drive and allow off-line use.

Think of all the ways that you could be using OSX Dictation services to help with your Mac Internet marketing and website promotion needs. Beyond mere article writing, Mac Press Release creation, or blogging; you could also use your Mac's speech to text recognition abilities to post a tweet to Twitter or update your Facebook status as well. You could use Mac Dictation abilities to create social bookmarks by merely speaking the title, description, keywords, and tags of the social bookmark you want to post into each text input field before hitting the submit button.

The possibilities of using Apple’s speech services for website submissions and promotion on a Mac really are endless. Anywhere that you can type text - even if it’s filling out a form on a webpage in Safari or Mac FireFox - is a place where Apple’s speech to text software can perform many typing tasks for you. For example, I use a web browser based spinning service for Mac article marketing. I can simply log into Spin Rewriter, start a new document, tap the Function key twice, and begin speaking my article text. When I’ve finished dictating the content, it only takes a few easy clicks to generate the Spintax code to product multiple, statistically unique articles for distribution.

Although my trusty Apple MacBook air has a built-in microphone, it’s not necessarily ideal for dictation uses. Additionally, few other Mac models such as the Macintosh Pro tower and Mac Mini don’t include a built-in microphone at all. So, you may want to explore the possibility of a dedicated speech recognition headset or desktop microphone for Mac to minimize background noise and ensure accuracy of your speech pattern recognition. Check out some of the recommended headsets that are available at to help insure you have an optimal dictation session. Having a microphone element in close proximity to your mouth really helps up recognition accuracy.