Mac Web Browser SEO Extensions

While there are a few SEO, social sharing and link analysis toolbars and extensions for Apple's Safari, most hardcore internet marketers will find Mac FireFox or Google's Chrome browsers to have a far more extensive selection of plug-ins and tools.

No one knows the Mac SEO Web Tools scene like me, and I can tell you it's a growing but not a huge market. Apple-centric developers for Safari tools just didn't have the market potential that FireFox or Chrome has.


Top FireFox SEO Add-Ons

With long-standing support for add-ons and plug-ins, FireFox for Mac OSX still has the definite edge on Search Engine Marketing and backlink assessment toolbars and buttons. When I started this Apple Safari SEO Toolbar Extension page I was really hopeful it would become a huge market for developers. Sadly, the market for FireFox add-ons is bigger and cross-platform, so Safari hasn't seen the wide range of SEO goodies that FireFox now enjoys.

SEOQuake is one of the most powerful addons for Firefox - and integrates better into the toolbar than the neglected Safari version at this point. Essential for assessing back-link counts and pages indexed counts at Google - Yahoo - Bing, as well as Alexa, DomainTools and SEMRush stats all in one place.

Top Safari SEO Extensions

safari SEO toolbar extensions
Long overdue, Safari's support for Extensions is a welcome addition to the Macintosh web-master's toolbox. In my first Mac SEO Tools blog post about Safari's new capabilities, I mentioned a few of the initial SEM-SEO Extensions for Safari that appeared soon after Apple released it. It was just the beginning of what hoped would be many more powerful site assessment toolbars and widgets to come.

Best Safari SEO Add-Ons
The most comprehensive, all-in-one Toolbar for Safari SEO : SEO Quake Toolbar For Mac - Lists Google Pagerank and indexed pages and backlink counts and data from Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, SEM-Rush, Domain Tools, WhoIS and more. It can cause some page rendering quirks since it floats within the content window - and doesn't actually occupy space in Safari's official tool bar / button space. I use it EVERY day, tho sadly, further updates to it have ceased. It seems many SEO extension developers simply find FireFox or Chrome to be a better platform to serve both PC and Mac users than to just target Safari-only development.

Browser Book-Mark-Lets : The Other Safari SEO Essential

Before going into some extensions which are available, it's worth noting what preceeded it: BOOKMARKLETS. For years we've had the ability to simply a DRAG bookmarklet link from a webpage up into our browser toolbar area. Bookmarklets are small Java Scripts that let us share whatever page or content we happen to be browsing. I use a variety of them each day for SEO purposes: To post a link to, pin a photo at Pinterest, add a link to my Buffer sharing queue, add a bookmark to my SocialAdr sharing account, curate content to my digital newspaper, and more. So having an arsenal of bookmarklets well-organized in your browser bar is smart SEO.

Apple's Safari Extension Repository maintains a portion of their site to featuring quite a few Safari Extensions. It's organized categorically, but to find those of interest to you, you'll need to visit each category and see which are of interest. There you'll find a few of particular value to website owners, internet marketers, and bloggers. The page features a 1-Click Install link to quicky test them out - but be prepared to visit Safari > Preference > Extensions and disable or remove those you're not likely to actually use. Here's some I found of interest:

Safari Toolbar Google Page Rank Extension

Blog It For TypePad lets you surf the web and send clippings to your TypePad blog right from Safari's Toolbar.

Feedly - install
Reddit - install
Alexa - install
StumbleUpon ToolBar - Visit Site - install
ScribeFire Bloging Tool - install

Safari Twitter Toolbar Integration

Mac compatible Twitter toolbars for Safari have been quick to appear. Almost too quick - as some of them seem rather half-baked. buggy, or under-developed at this point. Look for one or two to rise to the top as they mature and gain widespread use. Too soon to say.
Twitter Offical Safari Toolbar - Visit Site

Best Safari SEM ToolBar Plug-Ins

The release of SEOQuake for Safari is a most welcome addition, packing the most SEO - SEM punch into a single narrow strip. Since it integrates it's stats INTO current onscreen windows - rather than on a dedicated toolbar row that Firefox and it's variants support - it does some rather strange shifts-down in page content I find annoying or frustrating depending on the site's CSS and HTML coding. Further updates should make this the #1 SEO-SEM Safari tool of choice, however recently fixes and updates have been few and SEO Quake Toolbar for Mac is NOT keeping up with improvements like other versions are.