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Apple computer users just don’t have easy access to the multitude of Windows-based SEO and Link-Building programs out there. (Short of running VMWare, Parallells, or BootCamp and the expense of a legit copy of Windows.) Lacking some of the advanced search engine optimization and marketing programs Windows PC users have, we often need to be a bit more MANUAL in our keyword research, competition analysis, ranking and link building efforts. It often requires a little more analytical brain-work to sort out and interpret keywords, site ranking and position, and traffic sources. Here at we’ll look at what tools ARE available – and how to use those we do have smarter and more efficiently.

Already have sites up and running? Need rapid site visibility or a slow, steady boost? Try these low-cost and free trials for broad-spectrum back-link building across search engines, directories, blogs, articles, and precise placement of contextual – sidebar – footer links on related theme sites:

#1 Recommendation: 25 Free Instant Backlinks
A free trial of can get you RAPID and PERMANENT sidebar, contextual, comment, footer or article post links QUICK! It’s one of the few strategies I’ve found – with a bit of exploration – to get something ranked HIGHER than just another low-ball PR0 backlink. As a subcriber, I’ve been able to get relatively permanent PR1-4 authority index page links using Text-Links, and not have to pay month after month to keep them live.

If Mac Article Marketing is your thing: Build My Rank offers an exceptionally High-Quality blog network to distribute your posts. This isn’t for spun, junk, nabbed articles: They REQUIRE clean, original posts. But for precision anchored links, these short 150-300 word posts on a quality, very high PageRank blog network get and stay indexed. Decidedly worth a free 10-Link/10-Post trial for those who can write about their subject of expertise without groaning about it.

Another great linkbuilder that lets others BUILD LINKS FOR YOU is SocialAdr Automated Link Building. It can promote your links under a wide variety of user accounts – automatically. There are low cost monthly link promotion packages – or free links if you enter your account info for your various social bookmarking accounts and are willing to earn credits. The more you share other’s links, the more they’ll share yours. A great solution for automated link-building that isn’t always from your accounts promoting and tooting your own links.

Other Mac browser friendly link placement options worth exploring: PR1-5+ Text Links | 1-Way Links |

These six online SEM tools for Mac backlink building are OSX browser friendly and can start increasing your site rankings – FAST! Begin building back-links and strength – some literally within minutes of entering your site data. Set these Apple backlink building tools to work while you continue your On-Page optimization, keyword research, site content creation and niche domination tasks.

Best SEO Software For Mac OS X

There ARE a few key commercial Mac OS X compatible SEO programs serious webmasters and those managing multiple sites and client projects should download and explore. Most notably: Market Samurai For Mac which is simply the most comprehensive All-In-One killer SEO research, Affiliate and Internet Marketing powerhouse package for Mac webmasters.

Other notable OSX and cross-platform SEO apps include the highly-regarded SEO Power Suite from Link-Assistant. This bundle of 4 cross-platform and Mac compatible SEO tools includes the powerful SEO SpyGlass for the most powerful competition analysis available to get and keep you on Page One of search results.
For comprehensive On-Page site optimizing Website Auditor does site analysis and produces fantastic, ACTIONABLE item reports to help you tweak your site to perfection. Very important because sometimes fixing simple on-page issues can grow your organic search traffic with far less work than extensive link-building efforts. Website Auditor can unlock traffic and site visitors you didn’t even know your website code was keeping from you.

Rage Software’s Macintosh compatible Keyword and Site Ranking tools. SEO Lab For Mac OSX is a handy tool for Keyword, Rank and Backlink analysis that can teach you a lot about site positions at Google Yahoo and MSN-Bing. Another SEO-SEM tool that runs on OS X is Caphyon Advanced Web Ranking. Start by downloading these SEO Tools and the Mac versions and use the free trial period to evaluate how they might help in your SEO and SEM efforts.



Backlink Building : Quick Traffic Starting at $5

Here’s an excellent way to get precision crafted and rotated Social Bookmark backlinks out to those sites that matter most. It’s an effective tactic to establish or fortify your site’s presence – by getting linked on the MAJOR Social 2.0 and bookmarkings sites first. This uses other’s bookmarking accounts – while you work on setting up accounts of your own on the Top-25 sites like Digg, Propeller, Mixx, etc.

TIP: The most effective use of SocialMaximizer is to create just 2-3 carefully prepared Title/Description combos and use the SUBMIT BY PAGERANK option to go after only the PR3 and 4+ sites in your first batch. This will include about 30 of the top Social 2.0 sites that matter most for the best $12 you’ll spend. Optionally follow up with modified Titles/Descriptions again to the PR2+ sites a few weeks later to continue Keyword Diversification and link building in a slow, organic growth pattern. SocMax keeps track of your submission history, any subsequent jobs go to new sites. Use the opportunity to fine tune your Titles and Descriptions in each batch to target or diversify your keywords more effectively.

Mac Directory Submission Software?

I’ve yet to stumble on any automated directory submission programs for Mac OSX. Its a shame because it’s a lot of manual work – and acceptance rates are often disappointing for the effort spent. Outsourcing these may be the best investment of your time and money. While not great traffic drivers in and of themselves – Low-Cost Directory Submission services are wise. Affordable submission to free directories are important ‘backfill’ of a balanced link profile. You can provide alternate Titles and Descriptions to anchor your directory links with a more diverse set of top keywords.

TIP: Inclusion matters more than PR with directories, so newer directories are more likely to give you site approval. Simply try a batch of 100 bookmarks, then note the sites that DO approve your listing. You can then use these for doing your own manual free submits on other websites you may have. The value of using Directory Maximizer here is three-fold: Revealing which free directories have high acceptance rates – without needing payment or any reciprocal links. You can begin to quickly establish a diverse backlink profile that uses varied Anchor Text of your top keywords. And most importantly, you get DIRECT control over editing your site info on the first and subsequent batches, all from your web browser. Unlike an outsourced job, DirectoryMaximizer at least gives you a few days from submitting your job till the actual submissions begin – to continue to refine and update your edits as you see fit.

Safari SEO Extensions vs Mac Firefox Plugins

Until the release of Safari 5 – the lack of a plug-in architecture for Apple’s Safari made SEO and SEM activities far more challenging than Firefox for Mac. Firefox supports a wide range of Page Rank and backlink monitoring toolbars, Social site submission buttons, and keyword analysis tools to help with on-page optimization. Firefox supports better overall extensibility and integration. And that’s something Mac webmasters ought to be taking advantage of.

However, that’s recently changed with Apple’s Safari 5 Extensions. A growing number of available Safari SEO Extension is providing developers a way to give us the extra Search Engine optimization and marketing tools we’ve longed for. See posts about Safari 5 Extensions that have recently appeared. Just the beginning of some really great browser-based Toolbars and plug-ins to help all us Mac web masters.


There’s a real need for this website. With Apple’s rapidly expanding market-share – and now over 3+ million Mac computers being sold per-quarter – there’s more Mac website owners out there than ever before. But we’ve lacked the Search Engine Marketing and Optimization tools Windows PC users have long enjoyed. Well that’s changing as the market for OS X SEO and SEM tools is growing rapidly.

It seems a few folk had registered ‘Mac SEO’ domains, built a shell of a site with a few boring, predictable posts or How-To SEO articles we’ve seen 100 times before – threw up AdSense – and left them to languish. YAWN. Mac Gizmo Guy doesn’t do that. I pour my heart and soul into every website I’ve got, pound it into search visibility and ranking no matter what it takes.

Here at Mac SEO Tools I’ll share HOW TO GET SITES SEEN from a unique Apple Mac SEM – SEO webmaster perpective that other more general SEO sites or Blog Posts leave out in the cold. “All Apple Mac – All The Time” is MacGizmoGuy’s motto. So too with search engine marketing and site optimization: Here from an Apple computer user perpspective – and for the benefit of the Macintosh commumity. The shortage of tools and programs has meant A LOT of manual back-link building and site submissions that have been exhausting. There are smarter, more efficient ways to promote your website running Mac OSX – and here I’ll share what I’ve learned over the years, and keep you abreast of new tools and SEO programs for Mac website owners – just like you and me!